Yesterday, the worst thing happened to a restaurant owner. A young couple, who have never been to Fresh Fire Grill, walked in with their lovely son about six years old. After a few minutes of inquiry, they walked out. The reason? We don’t serve fries with our burgers. And the child was certain he wanted fries.

But we serve 1/3 pound best beef patties from the best farm on the west coast all grass-fed … but we use all organic produce toppings … but we can add some organic salad or slaw for $1.50 … but we have kids meal that include organic teriyaki chicken and organic veggie … but they still walked out. I hate to admit, this happened before.

By now, you may argue: add the fries, you idiot !!!

Had scored a perfect score on China’s equivalent of SAT, had studied medicine at the best medical school in China, most time I don’t think I am dumb. But maybe I am foolish in another spectrum? I have doubted our decision of not serving fries with burgers before. But …

An 8-year long study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published by Oxford University shows that the amount of trans fats in French fries, which are known to pose a serious health hazard, seems to be linked to heart risk. And it could be a domino effect: “a higher consumption of fried potatoes could increase the risk of other chronic diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, which are also powerful risk factors for [cardiovascular disease].”

My grandma always said to me 病从口入. It is a Chinese idiom which means “all sickness comes from what you eat”. If only we guard what we eat as we guard our money in our bank account, we all will be much healthier, less medicated, which means, less medical bill, less national spending, more money in our bank accounts, more prosperous nation.

In Genesis, God created the world and said it is good. We are made in the image of God. We are meant to bring to this world something good. At the end of the day, after counting the loss of customers walked away because we don’t serve fries, I go to bed knowing we have created something good at Fresh Fire Grill on this day the Lord has made.

Even if religion and old Chinese grandma’s wisdom cannot convince you, let Hippocrates, the most outstanding figure in the history of medicine, be my defense:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates